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Cal vs. Washington State: How confident are you in victory over WSU?

What are your early thoughts on the Cal-WSU matchup? Can the Bears beat the Cougars?

William Mancebo

Norcalnick: Oh sure. Even with Connor Halliday, Washington State had a weak offense, and now we don't know what his status will be on Saturday. And while Cal's offense isn't as good as the Stanford offense that raced past Wazzu last week, they should still absolutely be able to move the ball in normal weather conditions.

Last year is last year, but let's not forget that in 2012 Washington State was 1-8 in conference and lost to Cal at home by 14 points. One close win over a broken USC team shouldn't change that. I expect Cal to be favored in the gambling lines.

Vlad Belo: The Bears can beat the Cougs. It is a home game and the Bears are hungry for a win. It could be a shootout (as any game can be because of our defense), but I think Cal can keep up.

Sam Fielder: In a word yes. Their starting QB is banged up, the don't/can't run the ball, and their D isn't great. Essentially these teams are catching each other at crucial points in their seasons and whomever comes out with the win should be on their way to a successful second half of the season while the loser is doomed to ponder next year. I really, REALLY hope Cal comes out firing and is able to get these first quarter woes sorted and can put some points up on a team that we should be at least evenly matched with, if not more talented than. So yeah, put me down for a W.

Ruey Yen: This is certainly a winnable game for the Bears, on paper. Prior to the season, I thought the Bears might be capable of getting an upset against either Ohio State or Oregon that they would follow it up with a home loss to Wazzu. Clearly, the first part of that did not happen. Whether the Bears can win on Saturday depends on whether the defense can make plays. With the game being in Berkeley, I would give a slight edge to the Bears in getting their first FBS and conference win of the Sonny Dykes era.