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GIF: Maurice Harris spectacular one-handed touchdown catch, Cal up 27-23 at halftime

There's a little Keenan in you Maurice!

Maurice Harris channels his cousin.
Via Mocksession

Cal has not had an easy go of it against Portland State, as the Bears have been chewed up and down the field all game. But they do have one awesome highlight that finally helped put the Bears ahead against the pesky Vikings. Maurice Harris went high and gave Cal their first lead of the game late in the second quarter.

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With Chris Harper nursing an injury for most of the second quarter (he hasn't played since a hit to the helmet), it's good to see Harris step in and make a big contribution after dealing with a tough offseason.

Harris has been struggling with a hand injury all camp, so it's nice to see that all that practicing of one-handed catches this offseason paid off with a pretty vital score to put the Bears ahead of Portland State at halftime.

Aside from that catch, there isn't very much the Bears can be really happy about in the first half, particularly on the defensive side of the football field. The Bears trail 27-23 at halftime and this game is very much in doubt, so there will be plenty of sweating for most Cal fans the rest of the way.