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Cal vs. Portland State football: Game time, TV schedule, previews, and more

The Bears are set to take on the Portland State Vikings later today. Come get caught up on everything you need to know, and how to watch.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a tough - and close, despite what the two touchdown margin might say - loss to the Northwestern Wildcats, the Cal Bears will face off later this afternoon against the FCS division's Portland State Vikings. The Bears are favored by four touchdowns, but should not take their opponents lightly - several FBS teams found themselves on the wrong end of an upset last weekend, and Sonny Dykes will surely be careful not to add to that list.

If the Bears can get through this one, their reward will be a rematch with No. 2 Ohio State next weekend. Not the Little Sisters of the Poor, but...

Game info

Where: Memorial Stadium, Berkeley

When: 2PM (Gates open at 12PM)

How to watch: Pac-12 Network.

Avi put together this info regarding finding and using Pac-12 Network, so all credit for this portion goes to him. Go read it, since it's the first Pac-12 exclusive game of ours this season.

Note: Pac-12 & U-Verse came to an agreement this morning, so you should be able to watch the game if you're a U-Verse subscriber!

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