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Cal vs. USC

USC @ Cal 2015: Talking with Conquest Chronicles

What do USC fans think about Saturday's game? Find out in this Q & A with Conquest Chronicles!

Cal vs. USC pregame live chat


Cal opponent film preview: USC Trojans

How do the Bears stop the Trojan weapons?

GN: Allen Crabbe Debuts New Look, New Year

Allen Crabbe hopes to make a huge jump as the NBA season starts, and Cal Football hopes to beat USC for the first time since 2003.

What's your pick for Cal-USC?

Will the Bears end the streak?

Trojans Defense Could be Scary for Cal Fans

Cameron Smith spooked Utah with three interceptions. Will he scare the Bears too?

Do you hate USC? Or do you really hate USC?

Cal fans, how can you not hate USC? Give us your feelings on Southern California.

Cal weekly presser: More Jared Goff running plays?

Daniel Lasco, Michael Barton and Stefan McClure are also varying degrees of banged up.

Know Your Enemy: Previewing the USC Offense

Where we very bitterly preview the house of horrors that USC will bring to Memorial

Cal underdogs to USC. Again!

Cal is not favored to beat USC? Who would have thought!

Cal vs. USC will kick off at noon, airing on Fox

Find out how to watch the Golden Bears and the Trojans!

Sark out at USC

Clay Helton will be who Cal will try to beat on Halloween.

Can Cal end a decade of agony vs. USC on Halloween?

It's been a long time since the Bears beat USC. Could this be the year they break through, or will another Trojan wide receiver break our hearts again?

Cal opponent fall camp, uniform, & band updates!

Is the Grambling band coming? Will San Diego State and Utah have cool unis?