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Cal spring practice resumes, as does a prolonged quarterback battle

Go Bears!

Oregon v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The biggest news development is that California Golden Bears wide receiver Demetris Robertson is going to do the dual sport route, competing in both track and football.

The biggest news development that involves no news is that there’s no resolution to the quarterback battle happening anytime soon.

The most exciting news to all Cal fans that have missed defensive fundamentals: The entire team is learning to tackle!

"If you don't understand the basics of tackling and leverage points you become a poor defense very quickly," defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter said. "The first two days in particular coach Wilcox had a great plan for having extremely fundamental practices. We had the chance to really drill things down to the studs level, where guys learned the absolute basics of tackling."

"It is crucial that our players are sound in the basic fundamentals of football and that those are deeply ingrained," Wilcox said. "Once we have a solid foundation in place that makes it so much easier for our guys to learn concepts and schemes, and still be able to play fast."

The basic tackling drill got the attention of the players.

"We're breaking tackling down from the beginning, starting on our knees and working our way up," senior linebacker Devante Downs said.

On the first day, no one was exempt.

"It was good to learn how to tackle instead of just closing my eyes and hoping for the best," junior punter Dylan Klumph joked. "In all seriousness, it is very helpful to work on our tackling because the few times we are in a position to make a tackle it could be the difference between winning and losing a game."Some notes from Justin Wilcox’s Wednesday press conference.

Below are some press conference quotes from Justin Wilcox’s post-spring presser.

On Demetris Robertson running track (he's not been in pads yet): "He'll be back and forth between track and football. He's spending a lot of time with track, and he's competing there, and we fully support him.”

The quarterback battle won’t be resolved for some time, it looks like: “We want those guys to learn, go out and compete, hone their skills, and those things will sort themselves out as time goes on."

“It's about learning, and practicing, and so again, there's just so much time. I wouldn't say anything's been settled by any means yet. They'll continue to develop through spring, and through fall.”

On the wide receiver group: “Yeah, really good group. Versatile. We've got some bigger guys with some size, who can make some catches, when people are on them. Then, you've got some guys who can stretch the field and some guys who can work the middle of the field.”

Cameron Saffle is standing up more: ”Really, extremely hard worker. Smart guy, tough. He's got all those intangibles that you look for, that we're trying to find at a new position. He's standing up a little bit more, which he did a little bit in high school...He's been doing a really nice job, and Tony Tuioti and coach Azz have been great for him”

Malik McMorris is becoming a compelling tight end: “It's a group that has some versatility, some bigger guys. Malik has a unique skill set. We're going to use him. Charlie Ragle's done a good job teaching those guys, drilling them in those fundamentals."