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Cal football spring practice report: Meet offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin

Go Bears!

Cal Athletics

There were a few press conferences from Friday’s practice. We’ll try and get to each of them in subsequent days, but we’ll get to offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin first and foremost.

On overall practices

Still a lot of things we have to learn on We have to learn some of the finer points in terms of transition from drill to drill...the tempo with which to practice.”

On the football team: They’re sponges. They want whatever type of coaching. Not so much what we got right, but what improvements we can make come Monday [the next practice].

Baldwin is currently coaching the running backs. How is he dealing with it:

It’s a joy. It’s a great group of running backs. They’re smart. They’re coming along fast with new terminology. It’s fun. As a head coach, you don’t get put in a lot of position...situations. To get back to that, it’s been a blast.

Baldwin actually remarked that he had been a positional coach at Eastern Washington in 2011 due to coaching flux.

How Justin Wilcox is adjusting to working with former head coaches like Baldwin:

The thing about Coach Wilcox is he doesn’t just take advantage of [the former head coaches]. He takes advantage of every coach in that room.

Coach Wilcox...he’s got such a zero ego mentality. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a former coach like Coach DeRuyter or I, or if it’s anyone else on this staff, or any coach that comes and visits, he’s going to pay attention and take notes. That’s why he’s the type of coach that continues to get better. He never feels like a finished product.

I’m enjoying the other side of it too, learning from so many other great guys on this staff.

What stuff has he pulled from you or Tim [DeRuyter] (abut being a coach)?

He’ll ask us a few things, things we did structure-wise, or certain rules we had in the offseason, certain things with our culture. He’ll pick up little things here and there. I stay in my lane because Coach Wilcox knows what he’s doing.

What are your impressions on the quarterbacks?

I’ve been extremely impressed with their progress, even from Day 1 to Day 2. These are the only days I’ve been able to see them throw live. We’re so early. There’s a long way to go.

I’ve seen their film...their high school film. I know some things in the past, but only two days of true input...I saw some progress. I’m excited because they’re excited to want to compete.

How are some of the players transitioning to being tight ends?

It’s been really good. It’ll be more challenging when the pads go on. It’s one of the more challenging positions. They’re involved so much in the run game, the pass game, even in some protection situations. We’ll get It’s a hungry group that’s excited for a slightly different role than they had before. They’re just going to keep attacking it.

Biggest focus from Day 2 to Day 3

The biggest thing coming off this is more on how we practice. There won’t be a ton of install, very really little from us from Friday to Monday. What there will be is a serious emphasis on transition drill-to-drill, how to practice, what certain tag tempo means, learning and understanding.

Did we learn how to practice as professionals, practice efficiently. I don’t think we’re doing that, but you always want to be challenged. You’re chasing perfection. But Coach is going to chase that.

On being in the Bay Area

It’s incredible. It’s just fun to be in this situation. One of the things that excited me the most was the chance to work with Coach Wilcox. It was exciting to look at this opportunity. But I looked at this terms of being rich in tradition...but also the number one public institution in the nation.

So these are the things I’m going to look at, the coaches and I’m saying this is a no-brainer. And the area. I got down and started taking pictures for my wife, because she’s a Spokane girl and she was a little nervous about whether we can fit in.

Then I got to be around the guys [the players], and they’re a quality group of guys. They’re here for a They’re well-rounded socially, academically, you get great eye contact. Even my wife said that when she’s visiting this week, with certain conversations they can have. She was impressed by their maturity, and I said, “You’re right.”

All of that stuff just adds up to a great opportunity.

PS: Justin Wilcox had a guest from an old Cal legend. Meet Joe Kapp!