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Cal quarterback Chase Forrest describes the new offense, players changing positions

Lots of movement this spring.

California v Washington Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Quarterback Chase Forrest

On adjusting to a new offense

It’s been fun. It’s been definitely different. Spav and Franklin are all kind of the same [coaching] family. So when you get Coach Baldwin and Tui and all their dynamic, it’s different. Different terminology, different structure, especially in practice too.

I like the offense a lot. The quarterbacks understand it’s definitely a little more challenging. We’re getting it and trying to improve each day.

On Beau Baldwin

You can tell he’s a head coach. The way he addresses everyone, the way he coaches. He’s a very good coach. It’s been fun learning from him the new offense.

Describing the offense

It’s multiple. It’s definitely pro-style. You see a little pro-style dynamics and then some old-school stuff, which is cool. Terms for route concepts...we learn a lot about protections and how to block up and save ourselves. You can’t really put a name on it. It’s fun.

On Justin Wilcox

It’s a new slate for everyone. Coach Wilcox came in and it’s all about the team and the culture. Sometimes change is good. We’ve all realized that as a team. Coach Becton [strength and conditioning coach] is a big contributor to that too. He’s really pushed us and challenged us. I’ve bought in.

On what Torre Becton has changed

It’s his aura. His expectations for us. He expects the roof for us. He expects the best too. He’s honest. That’s how he rolls.

On the energy in the locker room

It goes back to a new change. Everyone has to prove themselves again...clean slate. Everyone’s fired up.

Whole new defensive scheme too, everyone’s changing position, so we’re seeing Cameron Saffle out wide, it’s just a new energy.

On changes in offensive scheme

Offensively, as far as receivers go, they have to change positions. They have to learn inside routes and outside routes. Guys mainly stuck outside and inside [in the old regime]. It goes back to change, bringing energy. Everyone’s buying in.

On getting an extra boost

It’s the same way as when Jared left. A whole new slate...a whole new wave of energy to prove yourself again. With Davis gone it’s the same thing.

On Tuiasosopo

He’s great. He’s intense. He brings it out. He challenges us on the field. We haven’t moved and ran and doing all those drills since I’ve been here. We’ve been working up a sweat. We’ve been doing a lot of drills, fine-tuning us. We did that stuff with Spav and Franklin, but even more so now.

We’ll have the Ross Bowers transcript soon! Go Bears!