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Cal vs. Oregon

Football Film Study: Run Defense vs. Oregon

How did Cal’s 2018 strategy compare to what we saw in 2017?

The Wrap: Oregon Outplays Cal 42–24

Cal really needs to figure out this QB situation

Cal Vs. Oregon Q3 Live Chat: Cal down 10-28

Ugh. It looked promising.

How to watch Cal vs. Oregon: Pac-12 After Dark on FS1

Go Bears!

Football Film Study: Previewing the Oregon O

How does Oregon move the ball, and which matchups will be key on Saturday?

Cal is ranked, but only beating Oregon proves they’re top 25 material

The Golden Bears have a lot of winning they need to do before they prove they deserve this ranking.

Cal run game and offensive line collapse in 45-24 loss in Oregon

Cal falls to the injury-ridden Ducks

Instareaction and report card: Ducks run over the Bears, 45–24

Cal loses to Oregon and falls to 3–2, 0–2 in the Pac-12.

Q4: Cal must overcome a 24–14 deficit aginst Oregon

Buckle up for a wild ride, Cal fans.

Q3: Injuries to Ducks make it a 17–7 game

C’mon, second-half Bears!

Q2: Bears struggling early and trailing, 17–0

Discuss the second quarter.

Q1: Cal faces a tough road game in Autzen

All bears conquer ducks.

This stream has:

Gamethreads: Cal falls to Oregon in Wilcox’s homecoming

CGB North is attempting an uprising.

How to watch Cal at Oregon: Pac-12 After Dark on FS1

Go Bears!

Congrats to our three game captains for Cal–Oregon

Well-deserved honor for these student-athletes.

Cal fans, how do you feel about the Oregon Ducks?

What are your thoughts about a Duck?

Cal opens as 16.5 point underdogs to Oregon

Go Bears! Beat the Ducks!

Cal–Oregon will kick off at 7:30 p.m. PT on FS1

Something something clichéd about #Pac12AfterDark

Cal opponent preview: Here come the Oregon Ducks

A September game in Autzen will be give us a lot of insight into what type of season to expect for the Bears

What are the greatest Cal games against Oregon?

A look back at some of the best moments in Cal–Oregon history.

Featured Fanshot

Oregon continues to emulate Cal because why not?

Cal Football Evans Hall Stats: Week 8 v. USC

Once full on Roast Duck we shall make haste unto the city of Troy. Let’s hope this time it won’t take us 40 years to win at the Colosseum.

A Gold-ish Night Light: TDs, INTs, and SATs!

Because beating Oregon was basically human nature.

Golden Nuggets: Bears Revel In Win Over Oregon

Sonny Dykes blasts Pac-12 for short week for Cal before USC

Sonny is rightfully unhappy with the short prep Cal gets for the upcoming game.

WATCH: Oregon brought their own collapsible porta-potty to the Cal game

Phil Knight continues to innovate in amazing ways.

Watch the Cal-Oregon interception and postgame celebration!

Go Bears!

Cal sets FBS record with 118 plays in a game! Watch the highlights!

Go Bears!

Grade the double-OT win over Oregon

Oh, my heart.

OT: 42–42 and another OT for Cardiac Cal!

Something something cardiac after dark.

Q4: Ducks still in it, down 34–28. PANIC!

15 more minutes for the Bears...

Q3: Run game has been integral to 31–14 lead

'Twas a good first half for the Golden Bears.