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Cal 60, WSU 59 video highlights: Jared Goff 5 TDs, Trevor Davis kickoff returns, 56 point 3rd quarter...

This game was slightly exciting.

For a game that featured 60 points, I don't have many first half highlights from Cal. Jared Goff found Trevor Davis for his 18th touchdown of the year to cut a 10-0 lead to 10-7.

Then it would be Goff finding Chris Harper over the middle. A penalty would give Cal great field position and the Bears would eventually score a field goal.

Goff would connect with Harper on a 4th down conversion that would set up another James Langford field goal before the half.

So it's a pretty ho-hum 3rd quarter for the Bears and the Cougars after going into the half with Washington State going up 24-13. It was just your run of the mill 56 points.

The 3rd quarter started with Stephen Anderson scampering down the sidelines for 55 yards.

It took 41 seconds into the 3rd quarter for Cal to cut the lead to 24-20 on a Daniel Lasco catch and scamper. His second touchdown mere minutes later gave the Bears the lead.

Goff came right back on the next drive to throw a 40 yard bullet to Harper.

And Lasco eventually punched it in. Cal leads 27-24!

There was Davis returning not just one,

but TWO kickoff returns IN A ROW

Here are both of them combined!

Watch them side by side. They are LITERALLY THE SAME KICK RETURN

After Washington State put the lead back at 11, Goff came right back and found Kenny Lawler.

There was Bryce Treggs going over the shoulder to catch one touchdown to cut a 52-41 WSU lead to 52-48 at the start of the 40 quarter.

Goff would find Treggs on the next drive too to get the ball moving.

Chris Harper then got the reverse on 4th and 1 to pick up a 1st down...

...and Treggs would score the go-ahead touchdown over the shoulder to make it 54-52 Cal (the Bears would miss the extra point).

After Washington State inevitably scored, it was Cal coming back with a bomb from Goff to Davis to make it 60-59.

And then Washington State drove the length of the field to try and clinch with a game-winning extra point. Except they don't center the ball!


*passes out*