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Cal Vs. Washington St 2018

Post-Game Thoughts: Washington State

The Bears muddied up the Air Raid nearly enough to sneak out of Pullman with a win, but Gardner Minshew ended up doing just enough.

Instareaction and grade the game: Cardiac Cal can’t close out Cougs, 19–13

The Bears lose a heartbreaker to the Cougars.

Cal vs. Washington State, Q4 livethread: Cardiac Cal’s embroiled in a tied game

13–13 Dead End Drive.

Cal vs. Washington State, Q3 livethread: Cougs with the slight 13–10 lead

One-score game heading into the second half.

Cal vs. Washington State, Q2 livethread: A close 3–0 battle

Not much separation after the first quarter.

Cal vs. Washington State, Q1 livethread: A nautical night with the Dread Pirate Leach

California must contend with the insanity of Pullman.

Uniform combo and game captains for Cal–WSU

The Bears recognize an O-lineman and an inside linebacker.

How to watch/listen: Cal-WSU

National TV!!

Q&A with Coug Center

Yay to friends!

Know Your Opponent: Previewing the Washington State Cougars offense

The task for the Cal defense doesn’t get any easier.

Week 10 Defensive Preview: #8 Washington State (7–1)

Cal faces a top Pac-12 defense for the second week in a row

The Bearcast: Jubilation after the UW upset

Winning is fun.

Vegas gives a pretty big edge to WSU over Cal

Cal’s got some naysayers for when we meet Wazzu.

Kick-off time and TV information for Cal–Wazzu

Primetime main event for us.