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Cal Vs. Utah 2019

Cal Football Film Study: Utah’s O vs. Cal’s D

How did the Utes snap Cal’s record of holding 14 conescutive teams under 25 points?

Roundtables: Dismantled by Utah

Let’s talk about what happened in Salt Lake City

The Bearcast: Trying not to talk about Utah

We didn’t want to but we had to.

Cal football is running out of options in 2019

Justin Wilcox needs to make his stand now.

Justin Wilcox on the Cal defeat at Utah: “It starts with me.”

That and more postgame quotes.

The Wrap: Golden Bears shutout 0-35 by #12 Utah

This game ended in the second quarter.

Cal shut out for the first time in 20 years in 35-0 loss to Utah. Rate the game.

Cal is now facing disaster.

Cal trails Utah 35-0 after three quarters


Cal blown out by Utah in the first half

Time for an all-defense battle.

Your Cal at Utah viewing guide: Pac-12 After Dark on Fox Sports 1. QB Spencer Brasch reportedly starting.

Late night!

Cal Football 2019 Q&A: The Utah Runnin Utes

Runnin Runnin and Runnin Runnin and Runnin Runnin

From the Mic Men: Listen Up, Maggots!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Cal Football Defensive Preview 2019: The Utah Runnin’ Utes

Arguably the best defense in the Pac-12

Utah Offensive Preview

A talented dual-threat QB with a solid running game. What could possibly go wrong?

Cal QB Devon Modster questionable for Utah, plus more injury updates

Banged up.

Vegas opens with Cal as heavy underdogs to Utah

Forecast calls for some tough sledding in Salt Lake City.