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Cal vs. USC video highlights: Bears outscore Trojans 28-7 to finish game

Gotta start somewhere.

Harry How

Click for links to the non-touchdown plays. Too many embeds will eventually crash the post.

There wasn't much to like from the first half. There was a safety though! I like safeties. Even if for a time I was wondering if those would be the only points Cal would score, it was still an awesome play by Mustafa Jalil.

Cal would get a second big defensive play on an interception by Hardy Nickerson near the red zone. Looked very similar to Mike Mohamed's famous pick against the Furd.

After falling behind 31-2, Cal started their rally. Jared Goff found Chris Harper at the end of the first half to cut the lead to 31-9. Check out Daniel Lasco laying out some USC defensive back.

Cal started to see some success running the football on the Trojans in the second half. Lasco would plunge it in to make it 31-16 and give the Bears a spark.

Even when USC seemed to clamp things up with a 38-16 lead, the Bears didn't stop fighting. Goff converted two fourth down conversions. One went to Kenny Lawler for 20 yards on 4th and 2...

...and the other went for 9 on 4th and 4.

Bryce Treggs would get into the end zone to make it 38-23.

After getting a Devante Downs sack to force a punt, Cal would move down the field again. Goff would find Daniel Lasco to convert a 3rd and long...

...and then Goff found Stephen Anderson to make it 38-30.