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Cal vs. USC: Will we end The Streak?

Cal hasn't beaten USC in nine straight appearances.

Harry How

Do you think we'll beat USC?

Vlad Belo: No.

Nick Kranz: USC just feels like a bad matchup for Cal right now. I think there's a decent chance that our defense will turn in a performance closer to what they did against Arizona rather than earlier in the season - i.e., they'll give up somewhere in the range of 31 points. Cody Kessler isn't great, but he's good enough to let players like Nelson Agholor make plays. So it comes down to this: Do you think the Cal offense can score with USC into the 30s? USC has already held an air raid offense to 3 offensive points this year. They have the pass rushers to take advantage of Cal's line in a way that Arizona couldn't. I just don't see it. But then again, nobody saw last year's win against UCLA coming. So who knows?

Berkelium97: Will we beat USC? Probably not. Can we? Absolutely. Despite the replacement of Kiffin with Orgeron, USC remains a flawed team. They still have the third-worst offense in the conference. The team still has injury problems everywhere and no depth at many positions. Fortunately for them, Clancy is working wonders with the defense. Their D is the difference between being 6-3 and 3-6. Although they gave up 93 points to the Arizonas, they've given up just 75 points in their other 7 games. Fortunately for us, Pendergast's recent string of excellent defensive performances means he's due for one of his patented faceplants. I don't expect it to happen, but it's possible!

Sam Fielder: I'm going to go all Old Blue here, but I don't think there is anyway Cal wins this game. Our O is too inconsistent to keep us in the game and I think that the newly resurgent SC offense will be able to do whatever it wants against our depleted D. Would I LOVE to see us beat them? For sure, and I'll be watching and rooting with all I have. But do I think we'll pull it off, no, I don't think there is much of a chance. But that's why they play the games...

ragnarok: The Bears haven't scored more than 17 points vs. USC since 2003; keeping up with USC in the 30s, even in a loss, would be a welcome (miraculous?) step forward.

Ruey Yen: I have to agree with everyone here that Cal is unlikely to beat USC. I am expecting an agonizing loss where Cal looks like that they are going to win, but only to lose the game in the 4th quarter due to some weird occurrence. It would not be a victory in the record book, but a moral victory given it would likely be a closer game than in recent history.

Leland Wong: I don't see us beating USC this year. It has nothing to do with bad voodoo or past results or a decade of derpage. Trojan fans are complaining about thin depth due to the NCAA sanctions or a large number of injuries, but I don't think either of those situations compare to where the Bears are this year. Upsets are always possible, but they'll definitely be the stronger team when we meet this Saturday. I'm expecting another year of Trojan fans gloating while rapping about throwing up their twos.