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Trevor Davis released from hospital with jammed neck; no official return timetable

Sonny Dykes will have an official report at Sunday's press conference.

UPDATE: Sonny Dykes says Trevor Davis sustained a jammed neck and there is no timetable for return.

Chris Harper had a bruised back but is expected to play on Friday against Oregon.

Original story:

Looks like we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Trevor Davis was released from the hospital around midnight last night, confirms Cal Athletics.  It sounds like he's in good enough shape to return home and that he's recovered from the worst part of his injury.

In addition, Trevor's Dad Mark posted this on his Facebook page that Davis should be okay.

"Just got out of the hospital, Trev will be ok. He'll be out 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks very much for your notes and calls."

(Note that what Mark is saying isn't an official statement from Cal Athletics on his condition. That will be saved for later tonight, when Sonny Dykes should give us a better update on the injury that Davis sustained and his status for the weeks going forward. But this is the first report we've heard on Trevor's overall status.)

If Davis is out for any of the upcoming games, Cal might need to consider shuffling around their wide receiver corps, particularly if Chris Harper also has to miss time. Also, Cal will be down their top two kickoff return men (Khalfani Muhammad cannot field kicks with that cast). The Bears might have to rely on true freshman Tre Watson to return kicks against Oregon next week; he was the #2 kickoff returner yesterday.

Go Trevor! Go Bears!