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Trevor Davis injury update: Moving extremities and conscious, taken to hospital

Looks like #9 will be okay.

Thearon W. Henderson

For those wondering how Trevor Davis is doing, this is what Sonny Dykes had to say in his press conference.

Indeed, it did look like Davis would be okay after sustaining a pretty scary injury late in the 4th quarter on a kickoff return. After Davis got kneed in the back of his helmet, he went down and stayed down for several minutes.

With the student section chanting "TREVOR DAVIS!" (soon to be joined in by the rest of the Cal fans in the stadium), Cal medical staff was quick to call the ambulance and get him set for transport to a local hospital. But before leaving, Davis gave a thumbs up that sent the crowd into a roar.

Considering how scary the original moment was, this is probably the most relieving photo of the day. Thank goodness.

Chris Harper would also leave the game a few plays later on a blatant targeting penalty, but it sounds like he's in better shape: Harper did not need to go to the hospital for medical attention.