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UCLA runs over Cal to 7-0 lead: 2nd Quarter Open Thread


James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Bears started the first half with three straight rushes. Didn't get a first down. Punted.

UCLA got a good pass by Brett Hundley to Thomas Duarte that took the Bruins to midfield.

Cal's second drive had a nice connection between Jared Goff and Stephen Anderson that got us to midfield. A sack undid all of that and forced another Cal punt.

UCLA then marched down the field, and pretty much whipped down the field with a heavy dose of Myles Jack and punctuated by poor Cal tackling that let Paul Perkins walk into the end zone practically untouched.

A monstrous Trevor Davis kickoff return put Cal at midfield, and the Bears have been able to drive thanks to a pass interference penalty, a nice

But the Cal offensive line has been bad, getting Jared Goff sacked once and forcing a bunch of other quarterback hurries. Chris Borrayo's absence has been noted, and the Bears need to adjust in a hurry before this game gets out of hand.

Close out the first half. GO BEARS!