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Cal vs. UCLA injury report: Stefan McClure to start, Chris Borrayo questionable, Brennan Scarlett out

Lots at stake.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an update on each Bear who has been injured.

Chris Borrayo, OG (head, questionable): Ah crap. Not the news you want to hear. Borrayo's absence would suck big-time; he is our best run blocker at his natural position and opens up a lot of the running lanes for the Bears. Borrayo would give way for Matt Cochran, who still needs a bit of seasoning. It's not the time for an offensive line injury.

Khalfani Muhammad, RB (cast): Muhammad should play, but who knows how much. With that cast, expect to see limited snaps and Tre Watson and Vic Enwere to feature prominently in the run attack as well.

Stefan McClure, CB (calf) & Michael Lowe (head): Both should play and both should start! With Griffin Piatt done for the season, these two need to stay healthy, or the Bears will have to rely on more walk-ons like Dwight Garner or converted wide receivers like Patrick Worstell and Bryce McGovern.  Not the ideal situation at all if you're the Bears, so hopefully McClure and Lowe can come back and make the defense a little bit sturdier.

Brennan Scarlett, DE (knee): Out. Noah Westerfield will start. That's a big one. Westerfield has been promising the past two weeks, and hopefully he can generate a little bit more pass rush against a beleaguered Bruins offensive front.