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Cal vs. UCLA time: 7:30 PM PT on ESPN2 or ESPNU

East Coast Cal fans will have blurry eyes again watching the Bears.

Jason O. Watson

The California Golden Bears are getting used to this night game thing against top 25 foes. Maybe this is the week it all works out.

This will be Cal's third nightcap of the season. The Bears played Northwestern under the lights and lost a competitive battle. They also played Oregon this past weekend and had similarly unimpressive results. They also played a late afternoon game against Ohio State that was scheduled for East Coast primetime.

If you believe in silly stats, Cal is 0-3 when the sky turns dark on Memorial. Their lone win this season came against Portland State, and their game this weekend against Washington State is scheduled for 1 PM PT on Fox Sports 1.

It's nice to see the Larry Scott TV contract kick in. The Bears will have all their games televised nationally, and outside of Pac-12 Network issues with DirecTV, Cal fans all over the country should have been able to watch every game so far this season.

Here's the Week 7 Pac-12 TV schedule for those who are interested.