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Cal vs. UCLA first looks: Can we upset the baby bears again?

Cal was 1-4 last season when they upset UCLA. What things must happen for the Bears to beat the Bruins?

Jason O. Watson

Norcalnick: Bad Brett Hundley needs to show up. He is prone to air-mailing throws, forcing balls into tight coverage, and otherwise making mistakes. And as many have pointed out, Cal's defense is hardly in a state in which they can make good things happen on their own. UCLA has to shoot themselves in the foot.

Leland Wong: I would like to kindly request that Brett Hundley hands us the game, like he did last year practically literally. It's starting to look like we're so outmatched in this game that all we can realistically hope for is that the Bruins overlook us in anticipation of their following two games against the lowly Stanfurd Cardinal and the Ducks, but that's looking doubtful after we were able to blindside them last year.

We just need the young defense--particularly the defensive line and the secondary--to rise to the challenge and start playing like seasoned vets. It's not entirely fair to them, but this is the hand we've been dealt and we need them to step up. We don't need the godly level of running back play we've grown accustomed to, but we need them to be productive enough to keep the defense honest and to hold onto the football.
That's not too much to ask for, right?

Sam Fielder: UCLA would have to completely self-destruct. They would need to forget how to pass rush, Hundley would need to miss open receivers, and they would need to fumble the ball with reckless abandon. In short, I just don't see it happening.

atomsareenough: It's pretty simple, really. We need to make some major strides on defense, stop turning the ball over on offense and finish drives with touchdowns, establish a run game, and have a few lucky bounces go our way for a change. If all that happens, beating UCLA should be a piece of cake.

Ruey Yen: Since this is college football where the student-athletes are not nearly as consistent, I would not rule out a complete UCLA self-destruction game, like what Sam said that need to happen. However, what would be sweeter is if the Bears defense can make the quantum leap into being competent and keep that up for the entire game. Otherwise, a flawless offensive execution day may also do the trick. As many yards Jared Goff has gotten, there were simply too many turnovers and not nearly enough points on the board. I am still holding out hope that the Bears will have a nearly flawless offensive game and be able to win a shootout game on the strength of the Bear Raid alone.