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Cal vs. UCLA game info: TV time, schedule, odds, previews

Your last minute guide to this weekend's matchup with the visiting Bruins.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oh look another top 25 team. How honored are we.

Right now it's becoming a matter of who will stand up by the end of the season, because the Bears are running out of bodies. Down goes Stefan McClure and Mustafa Jalil, with Brennan Scarlett likely next to catch the bug.

UCLA is down a left tackle and might be out their starting running back, but the problems of the Bruins seem quite small compared to those of the Bears. This will be a tough one to win, as the Sonny Dykes opening tour seems bound for more difficult and gloomy forecasts.

Game info

Where: Rose Bowl, Los Angeles

When: 7:30 PM PT, 10:30 PM ET

Odds: We are big underdogs. I do not care to find out what the line is because it won't be pleasant.

How to watch: ESPN2. To find out what channel that is on your service provider, visit this link.

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