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Big Game 2014: Cal football fans, what are your biggest coaching criticisms?

What are your thoughts on the coaching in this game?

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Avinash Kunnath: I can't really judge Art Kaufman. He's working with a bare shelf. The defense is better than anything I saw last season. It's still not very good, but when you have to trot out Bryce McGovern at free safety for the entire game, you can only do so much. Not a great performance from him, but what do you expect? He's working with bottom-level Pac-12 talent.

No. It's the collective offensive braintrust who I question the most. These guys were brought here to bring offense back to Berkeley, and they are still not doing it consistently enough against good Pac-12 competition. I'm getting exhausted finding four or five Tony Franklin playcalls that look silly when they're called in and often end up costing us down the road. Seeing Jared Goff getting jerked around in that second half did nothing to influence the game and leaves Goff wondering how much the coaches really trust him, and puts Luke Rubenzer in an unenviable position.

Honestly, I just don't know why our team comes out so sloppy for our salient games. The last two weeks USC & Stanford just came out and out-executed us and whooped us; they were blowouts in everything but name. We must get better.

LeonPowe: I'd agree on both these points, but I don't think the issue is Goff or Rubenzer's collective confidence or how they view their roles on the team - it's a lot more that it really didn't make sense at the time. We're down big to Stanford-  we need to be throwing the ball. Scoring quickly. Huge gains in yardage. Also, Goff lost his rhythm, and it wasn't fair to hand him a couple of 3rd and longs and expect him to rescue us. I actually don't know if it affects the two QBs and how they think about their roles on their team, but situational and in the moment it didn't make much sense to me and was jarring.

TwistNHook: The only reason I can think here is that they felt that it was impossible to protect the QB and wanted a more mobile QB.  Rubenzer is more mobile than Goff, but I do not think that the loss in throwing ability really works out in the end.  Plus, I agree with LeonPowe, they needed to move the ball down the field and fast, Goff is the better QB in that position.

Ruey Yen: I always thought that Sonny and Tony Franklin are going to use Rubenzer as a (not-so) secret weapon for the Big Game. The 2nd half situation really didn't warrant it, but I think they may have been too stubborn to go away from the pregame plan (being able to be more flexible in the game would be a much needed improvement in Sonny Dykes' maturation as a head coach).
I doubt that Jared Goff's confidence is shaken by this though.

boomtho: Lots of questionable decisions on offense. Rubenzer being in so much towards the end of the game, didn't roll the pocket a ton to combat the pressure, didn't try RB screens (to my recollection) to work against the pressure. I liked the onside kick (!!!) and thought the defense did a fine job, actually.

atomsareenough: My thoughts on this game: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..........

Honestly, this was an execrable game all around. We didn't have an effective gameplan on either side of the ball, we played badly against our archrivals, the refs made the game an absolutely miserable experience, and so the whole afternoon was simply an exercise in frustration. I don't understand why they let those bizarrely costumed ugly Stanford students on the field during halftime to abuse musical instruments and walk around aimlessly like that, either.

With respect to the coaching, I thought that once again the team came out high on desire and low on execution, similar to what happened with USC. We let our emotions get the best of us. Playing hard is great, but not when you're doing it in such an undisciplined way. I thought that the Stanford defense had our stuff scouted pretty well, and we didn't execute well enough to overcome that. The o-line in particular was a big contributor to the pressure Goff was facing, and Goff wasn't very accurate and made some bad decisions. On the other side of the football, I know Stanford's receivers are big, but Hogan had so much time in the pocket, and their tight ends repeatedly were able to find the holes in our zone coverage. I don't really care too much about the Goff/Rubenzer stuff except that after a few plays the Rubenzer runs were more predictable and much less effective, so that means that Stanford figured it out pretty quickly and the Cal coaches didn't mix it up very well.