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WATCH: Cal 45, Oregon State 31 mini-documentary


One of the best part about the wins this year is all the awesome highlights that have been released by the video crew, particularly video coordinator John Bondegard (give him a follow at @bundy58). It's always great to get that inside the locker room feel, and hopefully this will become a staple of our football coverage for years to come.

There have been too many good little tidbits from these reels outside of the highlights. Hold the Rope. Pre-game speeches. Jordan Rigsbee telling the team to "FINISH IT." Daniel Lasco thanking his offensive linemen for opening holes. The Cal fans cheering in the cold Corvallis night, and the Cal Straw Hat Band doing their thing on the road. Caleb Coleman getting the locker room dap with Austin Clark leading the way. Joe Starkey giving us the radio calls and Mike Pawlawski providing ample cover. All these little moments that get lost in the chaos of the football game get perfectly disseminated in these awesome five minutes.

Let's keep it up! One more win to a bowl! GO BEARS!