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VIDEO: Full Cal postgame celebration with Straw Hat Band & Golden Bear fans!

All thanks go to Ken Montgomery for this video, you can also check it out on his Facebook. Follow him on Twitter and stuff!

One of the coolest things about this year's football team is how happy they've been to embrace traditions. Sonny Dykes has made it quite clear he wants the team to start embracing its fans as much as they can, and the players have come right around to doing just that. Right after every win, they do their best to find every Cal fan in the stadium and bask in the moment with the Straw Hat Band.

Cal has had five wins and plenty of reason to celebrate with their fans, and the latest moment happened in Corvallis. This happened right after the game (some of you have probably seen the mini-clip, but this is the full deal!).

Hopefully they'll give us a few more wins to cap off what is fast becoming an impressive turnaround from Year 1 and get the Bears playing some December football! They'll have a crucial bye week before they prepare for the home stretch!

(If you're having trouble viewing this video, click here for the Facebook link, it should be public)


Updated with locker room celebration!