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Cal Vs. Oregon 2019

Cal Football Film Study: Cal’s D vs. Oregon

A study of the Ducks’ Trips Closed formation, and why it’s hard to defend.

Roundtables: Oregon in Review

A look back on Saturday.

Cal football is consistently competitive. Is that good enough for 2019? 

Cal is piecing together identity, but they are fighting.

The Wrap: Bears can’t get past the quack of the Ducks, takes the loss 7-17

Hope then flatline.

Bears take early lead in Eugene but go scoreless in the final three quarters. Lose 7-17. Rate the Game!


Cal Vs. Oregon Second Half: Bears down 7-17 with offense sputtering

Bears are leading but need to capitalize on turnovers

Cal Vs. Oregon First Half: Cal leads 7-0 after a Modster TD from a TAKERS INT.

After this day, CGB North or ATQ South will remain.

How to watch Cal at Oregon: 5 PM Pacific on FOX

Go Bears!

From the Mic Men: Revenge of the Weaver

We’re going to win. Here’s why:

Cal Football Defensive Preview 2019: The Oregon Ducks

What Andy Avalos’ unit brings to the field

Roundtable: ASU and looking to Oregon

Oregon Offensive Preview

Justin Herbert prepares to stick his head in the mouth of a bear... again.

Unsurprisingly, Vegas opens with Cal as underbears to Oregon

Looking to be a tough battle for Wilcox’s homecoming to Eugene.

Cal game time against Oregon announced

Great game time