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Cal vs. Oregon video highlights: Luke Rubenzer, Daniel Lasco, Vic Enwere ground and pound

Points points points points points.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to FOX Sports and Reddit for helping compile these GIFs!

Here, Cal backup quarterback Luke Rubenzer rushes for the first touchdown of the game.

Vic Enwere would have an even more impressive touchdown later, bouncing off of Ducks to tie things up.

Jared Goff got in on the action, making a spectacular throw down the middle to Chris Harper.

With Oregon threatening to pull away, Goff then found Stephen Anderson to bring the Bears within 10.

With Cal in need of a turnover, Todd Barr forced a fumble which Michael Lowe recovered and took toward the red zone.

Daniel Lasco would then punch it in, giving the Bears much-needed life.

Cal would then get the first interception Marcus Mariota has thrown all season on an alley-oop pick, as Hamilton Anoa'i tips it, and Cedric Dozier bounces it to Stefan McClure.

With Oregon threatening to pull away again, Goff found Lasco, who made Oregon Ducks miss on a huge scamper.

Goff would find Maurice Harris for a touchdown in one-on-one coverage.

Rubenzer would finish the Cal scoring with a late plunge down the middle.

Finally, here's a video on the officiating.