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Oregon 55, Cal 16: Hell month ends. Postgame thread!

Report card inside!

Steve Dykes

It's over. It's mercifully over. Three games against three of the top teams in the country, with two competitive losses and now a final blowout. Not to mention we have one of the most inexperienced units in the country and have half our defense out and a freshman quarterback and no real starting running back...

As many of us expected, we're 1-3. Not ideal, but not terrible either.

Now it's time to get ready for the rest of the season. Four winnable games at home + Colorado on the road gives us plenty of opportunity to get to a bowl game. Who knows, maybe we hit our groove and start figuring things out and this Bear Raid experiment starts hitting full stride!

Are you all ready for it?

Time to fill out your reports! Hover over the survey to scroll down or click here to fill out the report card.