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Ohio State at Cal: Braxton Miller not dressed in pregame warmups

Is Kenny Guiton going to be the Buckeye Cal's defense will have to stop?

Jamie Sabau

Well who knows if this is subterfuge by Urban Meyer, but at the moment it doesn't look like Braxton Miller will be the starting quarterback for Ohio State against Cal. Miller was not dressed when he took the field before the game in Memorial Stadium.

So that probably means it'll be Kenny Guiton who will be tasked with leading the Buckeyes past the battered Cal defense. Here's how Guiton has performed so far this season.

  • 69% completion rate
  • 173 passing yards
  • Three touchdowns
  • One interception
  • 10 rushes, 89 yards, one touchdown.

Hard to tell if Braxton being out being is a good thing for Cal, as their defense has been ill-suited to stop any sort of offense or quarterback this season. Heck, Cal knocked out Northwestern's starting quarterback and was gashed and slashed by his backup. So it remains to be seen what it means.

And who knows, maybe this is just cloak-and-dagger. It would be pretty elaborate cloak-and-dagger at this point.

In other injury news, for Cal...

For Ohio State...