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Pat Fitzgerald credits (blames?) Cal bloggers, reporters for Northwestern defeat


David Banks

So this has been hinted at all through the weekend, with indications that Pat Fitzgerald hinted that the Cal beat writers and bloggers didn’t do a good enough job preparing him for the game. It took a while to find the actual comment, but some digging through Northwestern All-Access gave us our answer.

This was the official postgame quotes from Fitzgerald on the topic of Rubenzer:

On Cal's integration of a second quarterback...
"We knew he was a running quarterback, we just didn't fit the plays well. We didn't tackle well. We expected to have a running quarterback but just didn't know what plays they were going to run. You're fitting some things you haven't practiced. I thought once our guys settled in, we handled it okay. But earlier, we weren't very good at it. "

Some stuff was omitted from that actual quote. Check out the actual video and taste the saltiness (question about Rubenzer around 1:30).

Question: Were you ready for the two quarterback thing?

The two quarterback thing was something we had no idea because obviously that’s the first time they’ve ever done that.  So credit Cal. Great plan for them. I think that when we finally got the adjustment that we felt solid about we were great until the last drive. Nice plan by them, good job.

Unbelievable job by their bloggers and beat writers — lesson learned — not reporting that throughout all of camp because they did a great job with the element of surprise.

Basically, Fitzgerald was hoping that Cal media would leak some information for him to give him the heads up, instead of doing more valuable things like reviewing film and getting his players more motivated to not fall behind 31-7. Nice try Fitz!

We did it Bear Territory! CGB has won their first ever Cal football game! Celebrate again!