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Cal football fans, readjust your expectations and predict the season!

After watching one week of Bear Raid, are you thinking bigger or smaller goals for the Golden Bears this season?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Berkelium97: About the same: fringe bowl team. I think we can get 6 wins. If we win five more home games (certainly feasible) and beat Colorado, we're set. The offense is better than I expected and the defense is worse than I expected, so it balances out.

LeonPowe: Yeah minor bowl team. But I'm excited about NEXT year.

Leland Wong: I'm trying not to read too much into one game--either positively or negatively. I expected a close loss and, despite the final score, this was a close game. I'm not going to use this game to readjust my expectations in terms of wins and losses, but I'm wondering if I should expect a pass-heavy offense, like we saw last night, or if that was conditionally based on last night's game. Dykes was pretty balanced at La Tech and I was expecting the Bear Raid to be the same.

HydroTech: No. I think we are going to be better than people expected, but our record should stay about the same because of the fact that we have a hard schedule this year. By the year's end, we're going to be one of those teams who is actually better than their record will indicate.

Vlad Belo: I haven't adjusted them upward or downward. I think we're better than we expected, but I also expected us to be 1-0 instead of 0-1. But we're good enough so that maybe we can get a W later in the season that I didn't necessarily expect to get.

Charley Lu: Rose Bowl before I die. Sonny has our Bears one step closer to Pasadena on New Year's Day.

Yellow Fever: I think we're a bowl team, with the upside to win up to 9 games. Take away those two tipped interceptions (only the first of of which is primarily Goff's fault) and the defense gives up 23 points and we win the game. Not spectacular, but in context it was a good showing. And if they can start to get Bigelow going at all the team can only get better.

Ruey Yen: Like many other Cal fans, I think I blindly believed that the team is much better, especially offensively, in the new regime compares to the past few years. The first game definitely supported that optimism. Given the hard schedule, it would be very tough for the Bears to be bowl eligible, but I do still believe that given the ability to score, the Bears will have a few memorable upset wins this season (possibly coupled with disappointing losses given the youth on the team).

atomsareenough: I haven't, really. I expected 6-8 wins, and I still do. This was a good opportunity that we missed, so maybe that makes 8 harder to reach at the high end, but we'll have a decent chance against anyone we play. Washington and UCLA look like tougher challenges after this week, but Oregon State and USC look more winnable than they did before, so that's a wash. If we manage to upset Ohio State or Oregon, of course that would really make me feel good, but even if we lose both competitively, as I said in the comments section of the postgame thread, I'm really looking at the key stretch of games AFTER Oregon to see what we really have on our hands here. But yeah, after Saturday I still think we're a bowl team, barring continued injuries.