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VIDEO: Cal executes coolest fake field goal ever for touchdown

You all had Vincenzo D'Amato throwing the first touchdown of the year right?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We brought in Sonny Dykes to shake up the status quo, didn't we? The first drive was a good start in what figures to be a long road back to respectability.

So Cal started off their season with a bunch of big football runs by Brendan Bigelow to get things going on the opening drive, and the Bears moved down the field pretty quickly. The Bear Raid seemed to be in top form early on.

However, the drive stalled near the end zone, and Cal seemed to be ready to settle for a field goal to start off the 2013 season. But Jackson Bouza and Vincenzo D'Amato had some other thoughts as to what they wanted to do with that possession, and Sonny showed why his teams are so effective at executing trick plays on special teams.

Take a look at that over-the-back trickeration by Bouza to D'Amato back to Bouza to get Cal the lead. (HT College Spun)