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BYU 14, Cal 7, Bears defense getting rolled up: 2nd Quarter Open Thread!


Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Cal defense started out with a bad drive, giving up two first downs on penalties. That kept the BYU drive going and helped the Cougars score the first points of the game.

Cal struck right back though. Jared Goff and the Bear Raid converted three first downs on third down conversions, and Goff hooked up with Daniel Lasco, Stephen Anderson, Bryce Treggs, and Chris Harper. Goff then found Kenny Lawler in the end zone to tie things up at 7-all.

After Cal defense got a stop, the Cal offense advanced to midfield, but stalled on 4th and very short. Cal chose to punt instead of going for it, BYU got the ball back, converted their own 4th short, and then bombed away to a wide open wide receiver to go up by 7.  Cal looks like they might have to shoot this one out to get the victory.

Let's close out the first half. GO BEARS!