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Cal 21, BYU 14: Jared Goff to Kenny Lawler unstoppable, 3rd Quarter Open Thread!

Halftime + Q3

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In case you missed the first half, it kind of went like this for the Bear Raid.

Jared Goff found Kenny Lawler once.

He liked it so much, he did it again!

Then just for good measure, he did it again!

The trash can drill is sure paying dividends for the Bears. It's responsible for all 21 of our points (we missed a field goal opportunity), and it has Cal up in front at the half.

After a really shaky start, the Cal defense has firmed up, forcing a turnover and two punts in the second quarter to really  keep the clamps on the Cougars. Despite having two touchdowns reversed by Pac-12 replay officials (bring us to FIVE in two weeks) and some more silly penalties (discipline!), Cal has done very well in the last two quarters.

If Cal plays the next two quarters like they did the 2nd, the Bears should go bowling.

Here's your halftime + 3rd quarter double thread.  GO BEARS!