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Bronco Mendenhall calls Jared Goff a system QB, Tony Franklin's website uses quote as testimonial


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One of the things that I think is pretty cool about Tony Franklin is that he's a rebel. If you read his backstory at Smart Football, it's quite remarkable that he even ended up back in the college football coaching ranks. He got totally blackballed from the college football ranks for publicly calling out his head coach for some unethical things, a no-no in the coaching world. He had to start from scratch and build up his own new system. He ended up doing so well with that system that he was entrusted to run college football offenses all the way through his teaming up with Sonny Dykes.

But considering the fact that there is a website that openly promotes the system, and tweets about every successful moment of the system even during in-season, there are times when I wonder whether Franklin gets far too preoccupied by that system he runs and forgets that he has a team to coach. Today is one of those times.

BYU Bronco Mendenhall totally gave the Bears ammunition for this week's game by calling Jared Goff a system quarterback.

“The system makes him great. He certainly can throw the ball well, and makes good decisions, I think. Only six or seven interceptions on the year with a million throws. That’s an exaggeration, but lots and lots of throws. But the system has him delivering the ball accurately, and on time, and he is difficult to get to.

So I think they do a really nice job with their system.”

If that isn't a backhanded compliment, I don't know what is. If I know the coaching staff well enough, they'll be plastering that quote all over Goff's locker to give him the extra motivation needed to get the Bears ready for Saturday's game...

Oh, wait. What's that?

It is also now listed as the first testimonial on the Tony Franklin System website. A backhanded compliment about our star quarterback is now being used to peddle his offensive coordinator's product.

Bunk shaking head

Now, I doubt Franklin is the one tweeting from this account. The Tony Franklin System website is a consulting service and there are several employees in action here I'm guessing during the season, and one of the other employees probably Tweets from it. So I'm guessing Franklin probably doesn't know what's going on here.

Still. Come on Tony. Your face and name is on this site, so you're going to have some complicity when situations like this occur. Your employees should know better than to tweet something that downplays your quarterback and makes you look like the show.

Also, this is probably not the best time for the System to be bragging about anything. Franklin's offense hasn't been working very well for the past month, and the offense has stagnated the final few weeks of the season. To have to search for good quotes from your opposition the week before the game doesn't seem like the best thing to do.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!