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Cal Vs. Arizona 2018

Football Film Study: So. Many. Turnovers.

What’s going on with the offense?

The Bearcast: Arizona Fallout

We officially hate playing in Tucson

Cal Falls Apart in the Desert

Cal Beats Themselves in Tucson

Instareaction and grade the 24–17 turnover-laden loss to Arizona

Arizona’s 14 points off takeaways make all the difference.

Q4: Freak play gives 17–14 lead to the Cats

Bad luck for the Bears puts them behind at a disadvantage.

Q3 livethread: Cal defense holds strong for 14–10 lead

Cal and Cats in close combat.

Cal vs. Arizona, Q2 livethread: Arizona has early lead, 10–0

Bears have been struggling so far.

Cal vs. Arizona, Q1 livethread: A desert duel

Two teams looking to break one-game losing streaks.

Game captains and uniforms for Cal vs. Arizona

Ain’t nobody dope as [them, they’re] dressed so fresh, so clean.

Cal Football Advanced Statistics: Cal vs. Arizona

Once More Unto the Breach My Bears

Q&A with Arizona Desert Swarm

Our Wildcat friends give us the skinny on their team.

Know your opponent: Previewing the Arizona Wildcats offense

Cal gets a late-night date with Khalil Tate

Vegas actually calls Arizona the favorites over Cal

Saturday will be a pick’em.

Kickoff time and TV coverage for Cal–Arizona has been announced

Back-to-back Pac-12 After Dark andn FS1 for the Bears.