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Cal coaching rumor: Former Oregon LB coach Don Pellum a Justin Wilcox target?

Why not two Duck assistants on staff?

Oregon Spring Game Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Cal appears to be on the verge of hiring their first assistant for Justin Wilcox straight from the Oregon tree: Former Duck offensive line coach Steve Greatwood has been reported as the first Cal hire. There are whispers that Wilcox wouldn’t mind getting another reliable Oregon assistant on the staff.

Don Pellum was apparently mentioned in similar reports as Greatwood prior to Greatwood’s hire. Perhaps he’s in the mix for a defensive Cal position too?

More here:

Justin Wilcox was officially hired as California's new coach. Former Oregon assistant Steve Greatwood is expected to join him in Berkeley, and the former Duck player is courting ex-Oregon assistants such as linebackers coach Don Pellum.

The big question regarding Pellum would be what position on the staff would he hold. Would Pellum be brought in purely as a position coach? Or would he seek the role of defensive coordinator that he held at Oregon for two seasons before being stripped of the duty in 2016?

If Pellum was going for just a job as the linebackers coach, I imagine most Cal fans would be content with that. Pellum has proven to be capable of getting talented linebackers and defensive ends despite Oregon playing mostly nickel. And his recruiting prowess on the defensive side is quite impressive.

If it was defensive coordinator, there would be legitimate reservations. Oregon’s defense was one of the worst in college football when Pellum called the plays in 2015. Even if Justin Wilcox is likely going to be running the defense, Pellum getting the DC job would make a lot of Cal fans skittish. However if Wilcox was in charge of the defense and Pellum got the DC job to supercharge recruiting, would it be the worst thing in the world?

On the bright side, his wardrobe? Always fantastic.

Cal fans, what are your thoughts on Pellum as a potential Golden Bear assistant?