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Cal football nation, what qualities would you like from our new head coach?

What’s most important to see from the next Cal coach?

Nebraska V California

What do you think are the most important qualities that should be present in the next Cal coach?

boomtho: Here's my list, though it's in no particular order:

  • Someone with a strong, off-the-field program structure who walks in with a clear strategy for how to spin the academic recruiting restrictions into a unique value proposition for Cal
  • Someone with a demonstrated track record of excellence on one side of the ball AND who has been around success on the other side of the ball
  • Someone well respected in the industry who could pull talented, experienced assistants
  • A hungry recruiter who has won battles for elite recruits on the West Coast before.
  • Lastly, someone who won't try to parlay one year of success into a better job offer elsewhere

Ruey Yen: I think it is clear that AD Mike Williams has recognized that the best (and possibly only) way to solve the Cal Athletics debt problem is to spend more money in football in the hope of the program reaching its potential and bring in plenty more revenue. To have sustained success, Cal Football needs to get a big name who will drastically increase season ticket sales in the short term, but also not someone who will see this job as just a stepping stone.

Obviously, the new head coach would need to maintain the turnaround in the classroom that is the legacy of the Sonny Dykes regime. He would also needs to have success on the field, continue to churn out NFL superstars, and be charismatic enough to make indifferent Cal students and faculties into Cal Football fans. Is having a coach embodying all of the above too much to ask?

atomsareenough: Good recruiter, knowledgeable enough about football to have a solid plan for both sides of the ball, wants to be at Cal.

Nik Jam: We have to be able to get defensive recruits. That's the only way we can improve defensively, no matter what we hire in coaching. I don't think Kaufman was that bad, we just never had the personnel for him. On offense, it wouldn't hurt to win more battles for local five-star players like Najee Harris who slipped away.

The offensive philosophy should stay the same, but better clock management is a must. We can't keep having one or two minute TD drives that hurt the defense. I'd like to see us be able to sustain 5-8 minute drives more often, which means using huddles and more run plays.