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Cal Coaching Search: Sonny Dykes Reportedly Interviewed, Gary Andersen Staying At Utah State

The California Golden Bears have reportedly interviewed Sonny Dykes, head coach of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Utah State head coach Gary Andersen is staying where he is.

Bob Levey

Our first concrete report of an interview appears to have surfaced.

We haven't talked about Dykes yet (we will though), but there are definite merits to Sonny Dykes at Cal.

For one, his passing offenses are good. His offenses at Arizona and Louisiana Tech are some of the best in the country. They move the football and put up points on a regular basis. They execute

Cal's passing offense have not been so good. Need filled!

Imagine a Cal starting QB running a full-on Airraid with Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper, Darius Powe, Richard Rodgers, and whoever else gets into the mix. Considering how sharp any quarterback looks in the Airraid, that could be a good way to preserve the offense and get fans excited to go to Bears games again.

Dykes is definitely familiar with the Pac-12, serving as Mike Stoops's offensive coordinator with the Wildcats. Arizona had the second best passing offense in the Pac-10 in 2007, managed their first winning season since 2008 with Rob Gronkowski as the centerpiece, and came one last-second Oregon drive away from going to the Rose Bowl in 2009.

When Dykes left in Arizona, the Wildcats fell apart on offense midway through 2010 and overhauled their staff a year later. So he does seem to have a definite feel for how to run an offense correctly.

There are definite concerns about Dykes. As a Texas guy, how well will he recruit California and land marquee recruits? Can he ensure the resurrection of the California academic tradition? Can he mesh the passing game with the Cal rush attack that has kept the offense moving and humming? Can he last for the long haul like his mentor Mike Leach did at Texas Tech? Can he field a good defense (Louisiana Tech and Arizona were NOT good defensive teams as long as he's been an OC or coach).

A lot of questions. But he's our first definite candidate for the Cal coaching job.

Cross out Gary Andersen

I always felt like it'd be tough to get him out of Utah, a place where he's coached for 20 years. He's a solid coach, but I think it was too much of a risk for him to test the waters of California or even Colorado when his team is bound to contend for a BCS at-large bid next year.

I believe both his sons are going to be suiting up at Utah State, so he probably wants to stick around a few more years and rise the program up toward BCS stakes.

Maybe for the next coaching search.