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Week 6 national rankings: We may have gotten an eensy bit cocky

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Cal takes a bit of a tumble in the national rankings after the ASU roadblock.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t you say it.

Don’t you dare pretend like there’s some kind of jinx that doomed the California Golden Bears after we started to rise in the polls and gain a tad bit of respect nationally.

There’s a much simpler explanation.

Life is terrible.

After falling to the Arizona State Sun Devils, we have fallen in the national polls.

In the Coaches Poll and the AP Top 25, we fell literally just outside of the Top 25. In the Coaches Poll, this means we’re 26th (because logic) with 126 points. In the AP Top 25, they have a two-way tie at 25th; though we’re the first team outside the Top 25, we’re technically 27th with 141 points. In either poll, the top-ranked Pac-12 team is our next opponent—the Oregon Ducks. (Sounds like the perfect opportunity to teach them about the Bears in 4.) In addition, Washington and Utah are ranked above us in both polls; similarly, both polls place Colorado and then USC after us as teams receiving votes. However, the two polls couldn’t agree on how to place ASU relative to us—they’re above us in the AP Top 25, but two spots below us according to the coaches.

But if that’s too mainstream for you, then I do like to check in with the Colley Matrix. They tout themselves as a “bias-free” ranking, meaning they disregard school name, reputation, recruiting, and mascot; this resource grades the teams purely based on their 2019 performance. After an absurd peak of 3rd place last week, our loss resulted in us falling to 22nd place. Here, Arizona State is the top Pac-12 team (14th) with Washington (17th) now surpassing us. In the Colley Matrix, the Ducks are merely the 31st-best team instead of the best Pac-12 representative.