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Week 5 polls: Cal continues to rise, now at #15/16 in the two major polls and #3 in the Colley Matrix

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Hard to deny the Bears at this point.

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NCAA Football: California at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Original: As the sole undefeated team in the Pac-12, it’s getting harder and harder for the national media to dismiss the California Golden Bears.

Probably doesn’t hurt that our game was in the earliest slot, kicking off at noon ET. Assuming their lunch-induced food comas didn’t kick in, this means our game wrapped up with most voters still awake!

In the Coaches Poll, Cal is now ranked 16th, up seven spots since last week. We’ve finally surpassed our Week Two victim—Washington—who sit one spot below us at #17. Oregon is the only Pac-12 team ranked above us (#13), with Washington, Utah (#19), and USC (#25) behind us; outside of the Top 25 are Washington State (#27), Colorado (#34), ASU (#40), and Arizona (#45). The only Pac-12 teams that aren’t receiving votes are OSU, UC Los Angeles, and Stanfurd.

In the AP Top 25, Cal is just a smidge higher at #15, again trailing Oregon (#13) and ahead of Washington (#17), Utah (#19), and USC (#21). Also receiving votes are Wazzu (#33), Arizona State (#37), and Colorado (#39).

This post will be updated later today to include the Colley Matrix and maybe even some graphs because that has apparently become my shtick here.

Update: The Colley Matrix is out—and it’s a doozy. The Colley Matrix ranks teams strictly based on what you’ve done this season and essentially disregards the name of the team. And based on 2019 performance alone, the Colley Matrix loves Cal.

The Colley Matrix has Cal as the third-best team in the nation. The other Pac-12 teams are #21 Washington, #23 Colorado, #24 Oregon, #25 Arizona State, #33 USC, #40 Utah, #51 Arizona, (#69 Ole Miss, #76 North Texas), #78 Washington State, #102 UCLA, #107 Stanfurd, and #108 Oregon State.

While our high score is due to being undefeated, we also owe thanks to one team--Washington, for having inferior culture to ours, but since then just going on a rampage and taking all of their opponents out to the woodshed.

This system does not use traditional points, but instead rates teams up to 1.0. Auburn is their #1 team with a rating of 0.905 and Cal is coming up a bit behind with 0.855.

Also, I’ve got a graph that tracks our rank and votes over the season. There is an additional challenge with the Colley Matrix—as previously mentioned, its points system does not scale similarly to that of the Top 25. At all.

To compensate, we’ll scale the top score of the Colley Matrix (1.0) with 1600, as the top team in either traditional Top 25 poll tends to max out somewhere just under 1600. There have been a handful of instances when the top team does surpass 1600, so if that minor nuance ever has a significant effect, then I’ll have to scale things a little differently.