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NCAA Football: North Texas at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Garbers seemed to have an infinity of time to throw but could not be decisive with his throwing and elected to run more often. What do you think is the issue here? Are you seeing enough to maintain him at QB or would you want to see the staff evaluate making a change?

thedozen: I am fine with Garbers running when the space is there, but I am worried about his ability to throw when it’s required. I also believe reports that he looks good in practice. Still, what kind of change can the staff even think about making if Devon Modster appears to be ineligible?

Henry Keenan: While Garbers may or may not have had an arm fatigue issue and a lack of first team reps at the end of last season, this season those impairments/excuses are gone. Garbers should have higher output and more confidence. While the lack of turnovers has certainly been instrumental in the past few wins, I would like to see us playing a quarterback that can make those quick decisions, and that can be relied upon to convert on third down more than every once in a while.

boomtho: I’m definitely not seeing enough to make a season-long decision to maintain him as the starter. Obviously Modster is the wild card here - we don’t know if/when he’s eligible and we have no idea how he might play if inserted. Given that risk, it’s really up to the coaches to use practice reps to assess whether Modster would be an upgrade. One thing that Garbers is doing, which he should get credit for, is minimizing TO’s and risk. With our defense, that’s at least a recipe to keep us in most games... although on the flipside, if we had even a 20% better offense, we’d blow some teams off the field this year.

Ruey Yen: Garbers may have been great in practices this spring. He has also show some flashes of competency this season in every game, but the’s just way too inconsistent to believe that he, without raising his level for the rest of the season, can make Cal a true Pac-12contender. In his press conferences and social media, you can see thatChase Garbers is quite confident, if not cocky. Yet his performance on the field seems to indicate a fear to make a mistake throwing the ball. Maybe Modster will be eligible soon to push Garbers, but Garbers’ full ability is not (yet) translating from the practice field to a full game.

Christopher_h: Has Garbers even used his checkdown? I appreciate his ability to run, but North Texas did a pretty good job of collapsing the pocket around Garbers and made it difficult for him to go anywhere, and all I wanted him to do was just throw the dang ball to someone else. I don’t like calling for the backup without actually knowing if the backup is any better (anyone else remember Cal fans calling for Brock Mansion to replace Kevin Riley?), but I have trouble believing Garbers beat Modster out for the starting job as opposed to it having something to do with eligibility issues or something. If Garbers plays the way he did in the 2nd half against Washington, he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but that’s not what’s happening. By my count, there were only 5 first downs in the 2nd half that Garbers was responsible for (2 runs, 3 passes, including a conversion to Jordan Duncan on 3rd and 24). That’s not enough to sustain a single drive, and I don’t think his job should be considered safe with play like that. Credit for not turning the ball over at all though, because with play like that, there’s a razor thin margin of error.