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The Golden Bears crack the Top 25!

Coming off a bye, the Bears crack the Top 25 in one of the two major polls.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at California
Totally not a coincidence that my search for “California Golden Bears celebrate” yielded this picture with the tiny number on Camryn Bynum’s helmet matching our ranking.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Not unlike last week, the California Golden Bears are undefeated and still not doing as well in the major polls as the BYU Cougars—whose one loss came to said undefeated Cal team.

The Coaches Poll has us ranked 34th with 38 points.

There is one key difference between this week and last week, though.

Cal is ranked in the AP Top 25! With 118 points, the Bears are ranked 24th. The Bears have not broken into the Top 25 since Week 7 of the 2015 season.

Here’s our progression throughout the season:

National rankings, Week 5

. Pre 2 3 4 5
. Pre 2 3 4 5
AP Top 25 - Points 0 0 0 40 118
AP Top 25 - Rank NR NR NR 30th 24th
Coaches - Points 0 0 0 11 38
Coaches - Rank NR NR NR 37th 34th

For reference, our next opponent—the Oregon Ducks—are 20th in the Coaches Poll (281 points) and 19th in the AP Top 25 (297 points).