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Jared Goff remains the starting QB for Cal at Washington

The true freshman has yet to miss a start this season.

Stephen Dunn

Sonny Dykes isn't waiting until the day of the game to make a decision, or even wait until moments before kickoff to conceal the identity of who his signal-caller will be. Jared Goff has been the starter since fall camp, and despite recent pushes by Zach Kline to take his spot, Goff will be taking the first snaps at quarterback this Saturday night in Seattle.

After an incredible start to the season in non-conference play, Goff has struggled mightily against the defenses of the Pac-12, throwing only two touchdowns and fumbling the ball in nearly every game. Goff is on pace to throw for over 4500 yards this season, but #GOFFENSE has been a bit slow the last few weeks.

Kline has shown an ability to move the football down the field, and has actually thrown more touchdowns in Pac-12 play than Goff. It does come with the caveat that most of his points came in extended garbage time,  and even then his yards per attempt and completion percentage isn't as good, and he does seem to throw an interception a game.