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Big Game

Former Stanford player accepted impermissible benefits


Featured Fanshot

The greatest Cal moment in Star Trek history


Big Game roundtable! We getting the Axe back?

What are your honest feelings about Stanford, and how is Cal taking back the Axe in 2016?

Cal football vs. Stanfurd Report Card

What did you think of the Big Game loss?

Cal fans, thoughts on Big Game coaching decisions?

Did Sonny Dykes make the right move going for field goals and punts instead of going for it on 4th and short? Did you understand the nonside kick at all?

CGB Bearcast: Episode 13

Our weekly episodic reign continues on this edition of the Bearcast. Listen to us on the Big Game

Post Game Thoughts: Stanford

I bet you all really want to talk about 4th down decision making some more!!!

Sonny Dykes: Penalties killed Cal

Big Game postgame press conference quotes from Sonny, Jared Goff, Tre Watson, Stefan McClure and Hardy Nickerson

Cal brings their best at Stanford, but Dykes wilts

Cal had their chances to win the Big Game. But Sonny Dykes played for the safe close loss instead.

Grade the heartbreaking 35–22 Big Game loss

Sometimes, bad things happen to good universities.

Q4: Fans rage, but Cal has hope, down 21–16

One more quarter to do this.

Q3: Who needs TDs when you can trail 21–6 instead?

Yay for giving up last-minute return touchdowns.

Q2: No separation as Furd leads 7–3

It's a low-scoring affair so far.

Q1: The 118th Big Game kicks off!

The Bears aim to rescue the Axe in our first Big Game victory since 2009.

This stream has:

Does anyone feel like reliving the 35–22 loss?

In the 118th Big Game, questionable play calls, odd officiating, and the inability to cover kicks negate some good play by the California Golden Bears, who fall to the Stanfurd Cardinal, 35–22.

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Cal wearing gold pants, white tops against Stanford

How to watch Cal vs Stanfurd: 7:30 pacific on ESPN

Find out where to watch the big game!

Featured Fanshot

Shane Vereen and Cameron Jordan address Cal football night before Big Game

Will the Bears go Big against Stanford's Defense?

And how has our old friend Brennan Scarlett been doing?

Golden Nuggets: Goff Reasserts Dominance

Jared Goff returns to putting up big numbers with perfect timing right ahead of the Big Game.

Vic Enwere & Tre Watson the main Big Game RBs

Daniel Lasco and Khalfani Muhammad are both recovering from injuries and their status is uncertain.

Know the Enemy: Previewing the Stanfurd O

We learn about Stanfurd's Offensive, and make as many jokes as we can.

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Star Wars Campanile during Big Game Week

Featured Fanshot

UC Berkeley Campanile with California and Big C on Big Game Week

Featured Fanshot

Campanile with "Cal" sign on Big Game week

Featured Fanshot

Cal Tree Chopping Rally

Tree chopping rally from earlier this afternoon. Idk why my formatting always sucks,

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Stanford DE Brennan Scarlett misquoted by Daily News staff writer

Original quote that was deleted: "At first, I kind of went, 'Cal guy? Stay away from him,' " Martinez said. "I went to dinner with him. It was cool to see his type of personality. He is a cool guy. He said he'll never go back to Cal and hang out there after football is over." New quote: ""At first, I kind of went, 'Cal guy? Stay away from him,' " Martinez said. "I went to dinner with him. It was cool to see his type of personality. He is a cool guy. In the offseason, he was a hard worker. He was one of those guys always there weight-lifting, doing extra things. He showed us he was here to work and wanted to be the best he can be. When Harrison Phillips went down, Brennan's role jumped up, tremendously. We needed him because of our low depth in the defensive line."

Cal fans, what do you hate most about Stanford?

Let's say you were running for President of "Hate Stanford Hard". What would be your campaign policy in a paragraph or two?

Cal fans, what's your favorite Big Game memory?

What is your favorite Big Game memory? Can be a game, a moment, whatever.

Stanford Offense Film Breakdown 2015

The Stanford Offense is the Christian McCaffery show, but Kevin Hogan has joined him on the stage.

The schedule of 2015 Big Game Week events!

Are you in the Bay Area and in search of a "Go" to pair with your "Bears"?

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2009 Big Game hero Shane Vereen will attend the 2015 Big Game

"Winning at their place in a game where we had no chance of winning — that was the talk. They were ranked, we weren’t ranked," said Vereen, 26, who rushed for 193 yards and three touchdowns that day. "We got The Axe, and it was awesome. The Giants have a bye this weekend, so Vereen plans to join old college buddies at the game. Talking to Bay Area reporters on a conference call, Vereen said he hopes the current Cal team can experience the feeling that comes with a victory in the Big Game. "That rivalry will go on long after us," he said, "but we’ll have that moment forever when we kind of shocked a lot of people."