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Big Game Week: What's Been On The Campanile?

The Campanile has featured symbols like the Block C, the California Marching Band, the Cal script, and the bear. But it also has had cool symbols like the Batman signal, the Star Wars Rebel Alliance insignia, and Harry Potter and Pokemon symbols.

So you've got your standard Campanile frame in the photo above in the classic Cal script, and that's been a common fixture of Big Game Week every year for awhile now.

But it's not just the Cal symbol that's been on display this week.

You've got the Bear, the Block C, and ... the Deathly Hallows???


A better look at the color contrast between the C and the Deathly Hollows can be found here.

The Cal Band took its turn later this week.


Then there's the hero we deserve. Is it the one we need? (via r/berkeley)

via Imgur

Do any of you need the Master Sword?



Finally, you have all sorts of stuff on the Campanile tonight. A Poke-ball, the Rebel Alliance slogan.


What do you all think about these Campanile symbols?