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So, I’ll be gone for awhile

Baby No. 2 is on the way for me, but your news will be covered

Oregon v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The sun has set on another year, a year unlike any other. While we all had our trials and tribulations with 2020, my family decided to add an additional member this year. As such and as of publishing this story, my wife has gone into labor, we’ll be adding Baby No. 2 to the Mellor clan any moment.

With any new baby comes some time away from what your normal routine is, and that’s me checking in daily with you all here. That’s me covering the every nook and cranny of all things Cal Athletics. That’s me writing up daily stories and links for you to digest.

That’s basically me being here that is going away for the time being.

I’ll be around, I’ll be checking in, but if you have a child or two, or have even been around children, you know how needy those little ones can be, so I’ll be stepping away from the daily grind for at least the next eight weeks, until we can get to March Madness and the basketball postseason (there will probably be another eight weeks I’ll be gone in the summer as well, but we can broach that subject later).

The news will be covered, however, just maybe not on a micro-scale like the one you are used to now. Expect to see a new voice or two popping in with big news on your Cal Bears and expect to see me back sooner than later.

Until then, however, it’s all things Baby, all things new-mom-of-2 and all things current 2-year-old as each of those will become a full-time job.

Thanks for understanding, thanks for checking in and thanks, ultimately, for returning with me once I get back online!

Go Bears!