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Golden Nuggets, 9/2: Pro Bears making strong debuts

The former Bear football players are making waves at preseason camp in the NFL

The California Golden Bears certainly didn’t have the most players drafted in the most recent NFL draft. However, if some of the preseason hype is real, they’ll certainly have perhaps at least one of the most impactful rookies come the open of the NFL season.

With no preseason games set for this season due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re left with just training camp, preseason camp and fall practice reports to go off of.

And if we’re to believe what we read, we’re in line for a big season of near-immediate impact from Ashtyn Davis.

According to multiple reports from beat writers and team insiders for the New York Jets, the former Cal safety is already making big plays with his new team.

Have to say, he looks pretty good in Gang Green.

Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Evan Weaver is also hearing his name talked about with the Arizona Cardinals, and the Cal Twitter account also gave us a glimpse of Weaver donning No. 50 for Arizona.

And then you can’t forget about fellow former Cal safety Jaylinn Hawkins, now with the Atlanta Falcons.

Each of these players has had their time in the positive light from local and national reporters but only one has been slapped with a new nickname and praise from his new coach.

Safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot of Davis’ name when the Jets open their 2020 season against the Buffalo Bills on September 13 at 1:00 pm ET.

The Cardinals play the San Francisco 49ers at 4:05 pm ET while the Falcons are in action against the Seattle Seahawks at 1:00 pm ET as well.

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