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Golden Nuggets, 8/23: Knowlton’s Notes

AD Jim Knowlton penned a letter to the athletics community, discussing deliberate actions through uncertain times

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In a letter penned to the athletics community, California Golden Bears athletics director Jim Knowlton spoke on just how the university is attacking the next steps in what are certainly uncertain times.

Knowlton discusses what Cal’s next steps are and talks directly about the Pac-12 CEO Group’s decision to cancel the fall sports calendar.

The decision was unanimous, and I believe shows great alignment between the CEOs, athletic directors and experts on the Pac-12 COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee.

While the south of our country is going ahead full steam with a football season, Knowlton essentially pulled no punches in his letter, addressing how the decision to postpone the fall sports until the spring was the right move, though a tough decision.

The choice was extremely difficult, but it was the right one based on our priorities for student-athlete health, and the science and medical advice we had available. Three factors ultimately swayed us - most regions in the Pac-12 do not have control of the spread of the coronavirus, we don’t have access to enough testing, and there is uncertainty about the long-term effects, particularly heart health.

And as such, with any sort of cancellation of a big money-making effort for a university, like that of the football season, budget crisis talks are arising among all 12 member universities of the Pac-12. Knowlton also touches on that subject, directly, in his August newsletter.

Within our department, we have modeled different scenarios since March and are forecasting as much as a $50-55 million impact on our budget if fall sports do not compete at all this year. The impact could be reduced considerably if we are able to play football and other sports in the spring.

There is a ton of information to unpack in Knowlton’s Notes for this past weekend, so check it out for yourself.

Knowlton’s Notes: Taking Deliberate Actions Through Uncertain Times

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