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Pro Bears continue to put on a show

Ashtyn Davis is out in New York flipping, catching, showing off

NCAA Football: California at Utah Gabe Mayberry-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears who have gone pro, and returned to sports this fall are no strangers to headlines. From their times on campus to their time in their professional league, the Bears seem to continue to find the spotlight, for the best reasons.

Specifically, former Cal safety, and current New York Jets defensive back Ashtyn Davis.

It took all of a couple practices for the New York media as well as the Jets social media accounts to notice and recognize Davis’ athleticism.

Not like he ever pulled that off in a game or anything ... Pfft.

I joke, Ashtyn, I joke.

Super impressive athleticism dominates the social media pages while other Cal athletes headline a couple of baseball stories from the weekend.

While we take a look at all the Cal athletes who are in the news from their pro leagues, we invite you to continue to stay with us at CGB, as we adjust to life without fall sports, and roll into 2021.

We’ll be continuing the posts here and we hope you continue to check in with us each day. We’ll be here, and we want you to be here too! The coronavirus pandemic can take away our sports, but it doesn’t have to take away our community.

Without further ado, though, here’s the Pro Bears in the news.

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