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Golden Nuggets, 8/11: Pac-12 cancellation news

As rumors swirl, the Pac-12 is set to make a decision on Tuesday

CAL BEARS PLAY NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS Jose Carlos Fajardo/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images

The Pac-12 is set to meet on Tuesday with one goal in mind: Finally make a decision on whether or not to play the 2020 fall athletics season. Seemingly easy decision to make, right?

Sense the sarcasm?

It’s no easy decision by any stretch of the imagination, but for once, the Pac-12 can do the right thing and be the first conference in the Power-5 to come up with a decision and stand by it, and ultimately work towards a plan of action towards the decision.

Whether that decision is to postpone the start of the season, cancel the season, move it to spring, or whatever that decision may be, the real work will begin after the decision is made.

The NCAA has shown very little leadership, if any, at this point, having since March to figure out a plan to play the fall calendar, so it should certainly be on the Pac-12’s mind to figure out their own plan of attack towards the decision they make. If they postpone the season to spring, what do they do about winter and spring sports? If they cancel it, what do they do about the eligibility of those athletes that didn’t play this season? And what about incoming freshman? There are scholarship limits to be concerned with after all.

The decisions to be made after the ‘decision’ on Tuesday are what will really set the tone for the next 12-16 months of college athletics, namely football, as the revenue-generating California Golden Bears football team absolutely will be the most affected by whatever decision they make. However, those decisions after, should be the most important toward the future.

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