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Golden Bear Voices for July 4th

Happy Fourth of July you Golden Bears!

It’s the Fourth of July and in the year 2020, the nation’s birthday takes a bit of a backseat to the nation’s goings-on of late. Whether it’s the protests for the senseless killings of so many Black citizens spurned by the murder of George Floyd, or whether it’s the entire re-emergence of the coronavirus as states started reopening, the Fourth of July 2020 will be very different.

A day usually spent with loved ones, family, friends and strangers all alike, mass gatherings are (and rightfully should be) cancelled for all intents and purposes.

This all comes after three California Golden Bears student-athletes have recently reported as testing positive for COVID-19 after the school started the return of student-athletes.

Still, sports are on schedule for 2020, and are tentatively still a go for the fall season later this year. With that, the fourth of July also represents my lone vacation that I’ve planned for this year. It’s been a wild ride of transition, tons of content and a welcome period of getting used to California Golden Blogs since AB-5 passed earlier this year. With sports still on schedule for later this fall, this was the best time to hit the reset button and take the next week off for some fresh content ideas and a new chapter.

We’ll be back on July 12 with your regularly-scheduled programming, though I and a few others will also be around if anything newsworthy breaks. There is no stopping the content train after all.

Until then, though, find me on a pool float, with a tequila in hand.

So, with that, I leave you with the most recent Golden Bear Voice offerings from the website.

Cal Swimmer Reece Whitley

Women’s Basketball Player Alaysia Styles

Women’s Volleyball Athlete Preslie Anderson